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Tricks Class

IMG_8254 (433x640).jpg

   The next Tricks Class will start February 3, 2018 at 2 pm. 

Do you have a crazy canine that’s too smart for his own good?  Or maybe you have a registered therapy dog that could use a couple of new tricks.  Or just maybe, you like to appear on Animal Planet’s Pet Star.  Liberty Hill Pet Resort is opening its own bag of tricks to help you out.   It’s a really fun class that combines obedience with tricks!   We’ll use a clicker to shape behaviors and once you and your pup get the hang of it, you can give each other a high five, without having to say your prayers, or beg.  You’ll both be sitting pretty as you wave to your neighbors, and then hi-ho silver away!


You know the adage; you can’t teach an old dog new trick, well don’t believe it!  Register your ‘old’ or young dog for Tricks class today.


They should have had a basic obedience class or permission from the instructor before taking the class.


They will need the following vaccinations: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella (within 6 months) and Canine Influenza.  They also need to be on a flea and tick preventative.  If we find fleas on your pet, we will treat them at your expense.  A fecal is also required.  If the dog is on heartworm preventative, then a negative fecal within a year is accepted.  If the dog is not on heartworm preventative, then we require a negative fecal within 6 months.  You should also make sure that their nails are short so they can do some of the tricks better.


Please call 540-439-PAWS (7297) or go to Forms page to get a registration form for your dog.  Mail the form with a check for $120.00 for the class and a copy of your dog’s vaccination record.

Liberty Hill Pet Resort

10401 Green Rd

Bealeton, VA  22712


Yoshi and Jack sitting pretty

Yoshi in a spin


Finnegan playing dead "Bang" and jumping thru a hoop

Sascha bowing at the end of her performance